"I do feel an increased confidence but more importantly an increased respect for being prepared and knowledgeable. The courses you offer are a unique opportunity to gain skills that might otherwise be aquired through a more foolish or haphazzard approach."
— L. D. Warner


Learn With The Best

Since 1986 MIKCO has provided sea kayaking courses for beginners (ranging from those wondering if the sport is for them to lower novices improving the range of their strokes), experienced paddlers aspiring to become Competent Coastal Kayakers, and more advanced expeditioner’s seeking real world rough water experience and B.C.U. Coach or Maine Guide certifications.

MIKCO is a Nordkapp Trust Premiere Sea Kayaking Centre. Our Registered Maine Guides and B.C.U. trained coaches have helped hundreds get a paddle wet. We believe our progressive formats will tune you into this great sport and take you beyond simple rescues and basic maneuvering to making rewarding decisions on the ever-changing sea.

Maine Island Kayak Co’s traditional on water courses are designed to provide effective learning of boat handling skills, safety and seamanship with an awareness of the magic of our marine environment. Regardless of your level of commitment, safe sea paddling requires good seamanship and effective decision-making for your group.

Any MIKCo course is available for private booking with your group of 4 or more. And we continue to offer Private Courses, Trips and Trainings to your group of friends or business associates turn key or a la carte.

Beginners, Novices and Lower Intermediates

Fundamentals 1-4 are basic free standing day-long modular offerings.
Fundamentals 1 and Fundamentals 2 provide a portrait of the knowledge and skill sets that a beginning sea paddler should consider having on board.
Fundamentals 3 introduces applied strokes in light conditions.
Fastrack 3 day and are aquick paced alternative to Fundamentals 1-4 with some surfing and rock garden play included. Fastracks are presented in a goal oriented format with emphasis on the 'test before the lesson' learning style to maximize the learning experience and time on the water.

Novices to Intermediates

Fundamentals 3 and Fundamentals 4 offer depth to the novice paddler. Expedition Training is for those comfortable with the fundamentals and ready for improvement of their overnight journeying. Rocks & Ledges and Surf & Rescue are for paddlers ready for rough water development with a developing commitment to their paddle - a roll is advisable.

Professional Paddlers, BCU Aspirants and Advanced Paddlers

Join in with our visiting Instructors and Coaches for Maine Guide Training, Rough Water Training and Expeditioning in the Gulf of Maine, Sea of Cortez and Wales.