"A fantastic week of kayaking I have been revitalized and feel more at peace with myself...thanks for your guidance, your tremendous hospitality and cooking, and taking me through the Rock Gardens...You run a fantastic, worthwhile enterprise."
— Maire Anderson


Set Out With Us On a Journey

For the true adventurer, our expeditions cover some of the world’s wildest shoreline and exotic locations. Be prepared to paddle longer daily distances, and to be amazed by what you see - from sea lions to exotic birds, Mayan Ruins to Civil War fortifications.

Downeast Maine

For the true adventurer, expeditioning Downeast covers the wildest shoreline on the Eastern Seaboard. Time your paddle around exposed headlands, be prepared to paddle longer daily distances, use the stronger tidal currents or adjust your course to reduce their effect. Downeast Maine is rugged, untamed and likely to be foggy. It’s beyond the normal tourist services encompasses extensive seabird and conservancy preserves, sub-arctic flora and wild sheep, Arctic birds and untouched islands...this is kayak heaven for the adventurer. We recommend paddling point-to-point somewhere between Schoodic Penninsula and Machias.

The Bold Coast and Reversing Falls

Leaving from the Machias area you might consider paddling the exposed Bold Coast with its extended no landing zones and increasing tidal flow. These low cliffs hide extensive preserved lands and held major Native American and European communities. Hurry on the tide to West Quoddy Head light where the first morning light touches the USA. Be ready to enjoy the fast moving waters around Lubec with its mile wide eddies (but stay on the US side or bring your passport)! Time your approach to the Reversing Falls, a class 3 rapid on both tides. You can hear it from a mile away, or is that your heart beating faster? Can you compute when slack and maximum flow will be? Slip through the whitewater at over 10 knots and paddle on the quiet into your camp in Dennys or Whiting Bay.

Canadian Maritimes to Saint John, New Brunswick

This is one of our longer expeditions. You might start around Schoodic, Machias or Eastport before crossing into Canadian waters - so definitely bring your passport. This stretch of coast will remind you of the early explorers as you’ll experience lots of critters but few humans. Remember this brand of heaven is likely to be foggy, and the height of the tides gets well over 20 feet as you progress. You may want to be attentive around the faster moving waters of the Old Sow, one of the larger whirlpools on the Eastern seaboard, explore Campobello Island with its long beaches, dip into the abstract beauty of Passamaquoddy Bay. Maybe the weather will allow us to circumnavigate Gran Manan with its high cliffs, swift waters and soothing shores. If we need miles before we sleep, then lets turn the corner at Blacks Harbor for the longer journey to Saint John with its serious tidal rapids. Do you hear those Finbacks sounding over by the Wolf Islands? This area is known for its whales and porpoises - for the true adventurer looking for bold and beautiful, who can handle the stress of expeditioning, primitive camping, challenging paddling.