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A year indoors is a journey along a paper calendar; a year in outer nature is the accomplishment of a tremendous ritual.

Henry Beston


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Nigel Dennis Kayaks On Expedition

NDK kayaks are one of the most relied on expedition sea kayaks in the world. Check out the breadth of adventures represented below. Most of the following NDK Sponsored Paddlers and others are available for training, lectures or information. To see one of the greatest groups of expedition paddlers on the planet, see


In the past few years NDK Kayaks have been used along nearly all of the East & West Coasts of North America, Nova Scotia and Vancouver, Norway, Lofoten Islands of Norway, Greenland, Ireland, Outer Hebrides, St. Kilda, Orkneys, Isle of Mull, Shetlands, Islay, Outer Hebrides, Holland, Spain, Turkey, Israel, Dodecanese Islands of Greece, Spain, Portugal, German Bight, Gibraltar crossing to Morocco, The Corriievreckan, Lake Superior, Australia, Prince William Sound ….


Falkland Islands Fiona Whitehead and Thomas Parrick. 09 Follow here!
Alaska’s Whittier to Home     Hadas Feldman
Chichago and Yakobi Islands Axel Shoevers
Alaskan SE Coast      Rowland Woollven, Tom Bergh
Kachemak Bay    Jonathan Walpole  
Prince William Sound  Tom Pogson, Jonathan Walpole, June Bergh
Antarctica’s South Georgia circumnavigation Nigel Dennis & Jeff Allen & Hadas Feldman & Peter Bray
Antarctica’s South Shetland Island   Nigel Dennis & Tom Bergh w/ Stan Chladek
Baja & Sonora Mexico Tom Bergh & June O’Neill & many guests
British Columbia West Coast Rowland Woolven, Leon Sommes
Corsica circumnavigation  Barry Shaw
Easter Island circumnavigation Nigel Dennis w/ Stan Chladek
Faroe Islands     Axel Shoevers
Great Britain circumnavigation Nigel Dennis, Fiona Whitehead, Phil Clegg & Harry Whelan & Barry Shaw, Simon Osborne
Greenland’s East or West coasts  Peter Jones, Phil Clegg
Iceland circumnavigation & other trips

Shawna Franklin &Leon Sommes & Chris Duff, Greg Stamer and Freya

Hoffmeister, Justine Curvengen

Irish Sea crossing Fiona Whitehead, Phil Clegg, Harry Whelan, Barry Shaw
Isle of Mann Keiron Tastagh, Barry Shaw
Ireland circumnavigation  Chris Duff solo, Harry Whelan solo, Simon Osborne solo, Alon Ohad & Misha Hoichman,
Japan circumnavigation of 4 islands   Jeff Allen & Hadas Feldman,
Madagascar  Phil Clegg & Simon Osborne
Netherlands circumnavigation Axel Shoevers
Newfoundland circumnavigation Peter Bray solo, Hadas Feldman & Tomer Sabag, Freya Hoffmeister
New Zealand’s South Island Chris Duff, Barry Shaw & Justine Curvengen,
Queen Charlottes, BC, circumnavigation     Rowland Woolven, Shawna Franklin & Justine Curvengen & Leon Sommes
Siberia’s Kamchatka peninsula Justine Curgenven & Hadas Feldman
St Kilda         Nigel Dennis & Peter Jones
Tasmania, Australia       Alon Ohad & Misha Hoichman
United Kingdom to Greece Trys Morris
United Kingdom and Ireland circumnavigations Nigel Dennis, Simon Osborne, Fiona Whitehead, Phil Clegg, Harry Whelan, Barry Shaw
Vancouver Island circumnavigation    Leon Sommes, Keirron Tastagh
Wales circumnavigation Fiona Whitehead & Justine Curgenven
Vancouver Island circumnavigation Doug Taylor and Jonathan Reggler '08
South Island, New Zealand   Barry Shaw & Justine Curvengen
Newfoundland   Greg Stamer
Svalbard Archipelego, Norway Alon Ohad & Tim Starr