"Nigel Dennis began sea kayaking at the age of 23 and within 3 years had completed the first circumnavigation of Britain. Not long after that, Nigel built his own fleet of kayaks and the first Anglesey Sea and Surf Centre was started.
Nigel’s kayaks were built to withstand the constant use and abuse by groups at the centre and also incorporated two new ideas. An off-set day hatch to enable the unsupported paddler to access provisions whilst afloat, and the keyhole cockpit in a sea kayak, which allowed for faster, easier entry and exit. Not surprisingly, in hindsight, those who came to the kayak courses held at the centre liked the kayaks, particularly the qualities of speed and stability."

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NDK (Nigel Dennis Kayaks) are made in Anglesey Sea & Surf Center (Wales) under the direction of BCU Coach and world level expeditioner, Nigel Dennis. Nigel has rounded Cape Horn, the United Kingdom, Easter Island and journeyed in Antarctica and Points North. NDK sea kayaks are infamous for their rough water handling, solid secondary stability, superb fit and durable construction. We have logged thousands of hours in these boats and prefer them for nearly every situation we encounter. Model families include Romany, Explorer, Greenlander, and the Triton II double. With the exception of the Triton II, all NDK boats are available in three layups: Standard, Elite and Carbon/Kevlar.

Romany Family (Standard, Surf, LV, HV, Plastic)


The ROMANY 16 is a short, responsive, stable kayak both empty and loaded, excellent in following seas. Its super keyhole cockpit offers great fit for smaller to average size paddlers and allows for those with wider hips. The Romany tracks very well for its length; the high volume bow reduces plunging into waves. The maneuverability allows for good control in surf. Its comfort in rough water gives the paddler great confidence. One of the easiest rolling boats we know of. Originally designed as NigelÈs school boat, its broad function and high secondary stability makes it one of our favorite all around sea kayaks for day paddling, short trips, playing and instructing. Building off the capable Romany, the family is rounded out by the Romany Surf (designed for, well, you guessed it), The Romany LV (a playboat for smaller paddlers), The Romany HV (for the larger play-boater) ) and the newly introduced Romany Plastic - offing the same great shape in affordable, durable plastic. Read the 2008 Sea Kayaker Magazine's Reader's Choice review of the Romany here (PDF).


Explorer Family (Standard, LV, HV)


The EXPLORER is the larger expedition version of the Romany 16 with more hull speed and cargo room. ItÈs a super fit for middle sized paddlers, and has become one of the standards of paddling here in the Northeast. It carves and spins. Its secondary stability is remarkable. Its fuller ends hold more gear and keep the bow from pearling. Certainly there are faster boats, but not many when it is rough and challenging. It's the bumpy and lumpy water where we feel challenged and the Explorer's and Romany's excel with their user friendly hulls, high secondary stability, thigh contact, and expedition features. In 2000 we used Explorer's on a one-month expedition to Antarctica carrying all supplies with no support. Anchored by the capable Explorer, the family is rounded out by the Explorer LV (for the smaller paddler) and the Explorer HV (for the larger paddler).

This is MIKCo's primary guide boat; most of us paddle one on trips. We think it has become a standard for expedition boats around the world. Its durability is exceptional. We regularly land on rock beaches fully loaded. Its designed for it. Read the 2008 Sea Kayaker Magazine's Reader's Choice review of the Explorer here (PDF).


Greenlander Family (Standard, Pro, Race)


The GREENLANDER is designed in response to demand for a fast sea kayak. The GREENLANDER PRO is a longer, faster cousin of the Greenlander with a keyhole cockpit. Its traditional hard chined design, carves all turns. ItÈs a bigger water playboat for the more traditional paddler. Rough water racers appreciate its acceleration down all wave fronts. Same super fit, same high secondary, but smaller volume than the Explorer but still way more than you can carry in a pack.The GREENLANDER RACE was designed for open ocean racing and as a faster expedition / touring kayak primarily for flat to intermediate conditions.




The Triton II is designed for the intermediate to advanced paddle team. It is primarily a fast day-tripper or light weekend tripper. This maneuverable double incorporates many of the features of the Explorer, and is normally paddled with a retractable skeg (it can be fitted with a rudder). It has four fiberglass bulkheads, two NDK 10" hatches (front and rear) and an extra VCP 7.5" day hatch situated behind the stern paddler. The Triton II has full recessed deck fittings, perimeter deck lines, deck elastics and two compass recesses. This kayak is easily rolled up, even by a single paddler, and the cockpit area drains completely when the bow of the kayak is lifted. The cockpits are close, which keeps the ends light, so paddling in sync is best. The Triton II is a performance tandem sea kayak for paddlers who want a fast, seaworthy double. It has the same wildly high secondary stability and super cockpit fit of the other NDKÈs. All other tandems we know of are bigger.

Dimensions: 22.5’ x 22.75". Cockpit 32" x 15.5". Weight: 79 lbs.

Price: $3,950. Standard construction only.