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Here are some galleries of places we've been and things we like to do. We'll update the galleries as often as we can. You can also see more pics on our blog.

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Paddling with Maine Island Kayak Co.

An overview of what we do, from mild to wild


Tidal Race and Rock Garden Workshop

Three Locations, a thousand rocks and a few great paddlers.

Get in on the fun next year

Paddle SmartPaddle Smart, Portland

Rescues demos and worst-case-scenarios on a brisk April day in Maine. That's our idea of fun.

Rough Water Symposium 2007

Action Shots. Yep, more sliding around and bouncing on the rocks.


2011 NDK Dealers Meet Anglesey Where business is always pleasure.


tripsCasco Bay

Our home base. The islands and passages a short ferry ride from Portland are a world class paddlng venue!

general shotsPenobscot

Exclusive photos from the Penobscot Bay, Maine.

general shots

Downeast Maine

We've made a deliberate choice to live and work in Maine. The reason is simple. The paddling's that good.

general shotsAlaska

Exclusive photos from the Alaska trip.

general shotsBaja

A great winter/spring destination.

general shots Wales

Some of the best conditions for the

advanced kayaker. Courses being booked for September.

general shotsAntarctica

Exclusive photos from the Nelson Island trip.

Boats and Stuff

general shotsNDK Colors

Just to get you thinking about your next boat's color.

general shotsScrap Book

Just us, messing about in boats.

general shotsLendal Paddles

Powerful engines for long, pointy boats.

general shotsCadence

Alistair Wilson's design for a flat water race trainer, built by NDK with a versital deck.

general shotsBuilding NDKs

Yeah, we're boat geaks. Can't get enough of this stuff.

Casco Waves 2014Casco Waves 2014

Jumping, surfing, rolling in our back yard

Were you on the water with us in the last couple years? Check out our picts of the past trips...

general shots

2011 Paddles

Check out some older day trips, corporate team building and overnights

general shots

2010 Paddles

Or go back a little futher...

general shots

2009 Paddles

... a little futher still.

general shots

2008 Paddles

Keep going...

general shotsCoaches Guides & Friends

A seal’s eye view of life at Maine Kayak Company -We're a friendly bunch who take fun seriously

Rowing with Paul M.

A little more leverage, a little less beam, and a lot more speed.