Kayaking, like anything worthwhile, requires the use of skill, savvy, and sound judgement. To that end, here are some resources to help you develop all of those essentials.

News and Blog Posts

MIKCO Blog - Tom and Joe's sea-level view of things.

MIKco Informational Documents

From knowing what to bring, to knowing your ability, to knowing how to leave only a wake these documents can help you get your bearings before you go and insure you make the most of your adventure.

The Most Important Stroke In Sea Kayaking "The Forward Stroke." by Nigel Dennis (PDF)

Personal Clothing Checklist for Day and Half Day Trips (PDF)
Personal Equipment Checklist for Multi day Trips and all Courses (PDF)
Before You Go
Paddlers Simple Self Test

Casco Bay phone list (PDF) - a good companion for your waterborne cell phone.

Leave No Trace - Maine guidelines, from MITA

MIKCO Educational Materials

Course Outlines
A reference point for developing your seamanship and small boat skills. These our the outlines and "class notes" pertaining to some our course content.

Ocean School Library
A tremendous developing resource. Comprising decades of maritime scholarship and real world experience. Information on SAR, flora and fauna, oceanic issues and our impact on our environment. Initially part of the Ocean School curriculum, we're offering this resource for free for now. A work in progress, we'll be adding to this as time goes on.

Travels and Tall Tales:

A selection of kayak and maritime adventures. Have one of your own to share? Let us know.

Aleutian Islands, Stan Chladek and Brian Day

Man in Extreme Conditions, Antartica, Tom Bergh, Nigel Dennis and Stan Chladek

Easter Island; Stan Chladek and Nigel Dennis

Aunt Cathy Goes Downeast. A 2003 journey with Tom Bergh

Shumagin Islands 2004

Anglessey Trip Report 2006 by Andrea Hecht

5 Star Training at MIKCo - Unto the breach!

Confessions of a cold water paddler - Baja!

Native Poems - a souce of inspiration

Sweetgrass Memories, by Patricia Pierce Erikson

The Impact of Color on Boat Performance

Kayak Crosses Atlantic Without a Paddler, yep, it was an NDK. (PDF) From Adventure Kayak Magazine


Charts and Maps an instructional guide from MIKCo's course materials.


Don't be caught at sea without your chart! The following PDF files are offered for your at-home research, but always use a full & complete

NOAA or similar chart with a compass rose and distance indicators when on the water...


Casco Bay/Portland Harbor

Casco Bay



Jonesport Archipelago

MIKco Recommended Weblinks

These web links are supplied as a public service. If you find any incorrect or dead links, If you know of any additional web links we'd like to know about, please drop us a line at

Climate Change

US Government
NASA - Global Climate Change, Eye on the Sky.

National Climatic Data Center.

National Snow and Ice Data Center.

National Science Foundation, Climate Change.

NOAA Climate Service

NOAA Paleoclimatology.

EPA's Climate Change Page.

Global Change Research Page.

Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

USDA Climate Change Resource Center.

USDA Forest Service Resource Center.

DOE Office of Policy, Climate Change.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

UN Framework Committee on Climate Change.

UN Environment Program.

MET Office Climate Change.

UK Dept of Energy and Climate Change.

Academic Non-Governmental
AAAS Global Climate Change Resources.

AGU Position Statement, Human Impacts on Climate.

American Meteorological Society.

Columbia Univ Earth Institute, Climate and Society.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Ocean and Climate Change.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institue. Coastal Ocean Institute.

News and Books

Inside Climate Change News -

The Underwater Times - news aggregator of marine interest

Global Warming Reader

Local Weather

Portland Buoy - Station 44007

National Weather Service Office - Portland/Gray, Maine

Portland Marine Forecast

Tide Charts for Southern Maine

Doppler Radar - Portland

National Weather Service, Maine forecast discussion (text)

Magic Seaweed- Higgens Beach surfers resource

Report from top of Mt Washington

Gulf of Maine, National, International Weather
US Surface Chart

US Surface Chart - color

GOMOOS Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System

Today's US Water Vapor

NOAA Weather Prediction Center

NOAA Geostationary Satellite Server

Ocean Weather Inc - maps

Mid-Atlantic Weather Station - Hurricanes and Tropics

North Atlantic Sea Height Wave Model

Anglesy North Wales weather, St Davids Head.

Japan Tsunami Pictures and Videos:

Before and After Photos:

Flowing through housing:

Front edge of Tsunami:

Flowing far inland:

Wave ht from ground over houses:

State of Maine weblinks

Maine Shellfish Sanitation Hotline - red tide and other closures

Maine Department of Marine Resources

Department of Marine Resources species information

Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment

GMRI, Gulf of Maine Research Institute

Gulf of Maine Area, Census of Marine Life

Maine School of Marine Sciences

Things to do around Gulf of Maine

Maine Maritime Museum, Bath,ME:

'Admiral' Perry's Eagle Island in Casco Bay:

Lobster boat tours in Portland harbor (good operation):

Portland Schooner Co. Real Alden designed wooden schooners operating out of Portland, w good crews:

Casco Bay Lines cruises. Its worth a short walk around Cliff Island, if you want the 1950s tranquil experience.

Rafting at the Forks w this group recommended (Kennebec Gorge trip):

Fishing Charter services:

Mt Washington Observatory:

Portsmouth NH Naval shipyard:

General Kayaking

Paddling Planet - an international aggregator of sea kayaking blogs all Greenland all the time. The original and truest GP site.

Radar, Reflectors and Sea Kayaks, A Visibility Study - (PDF) at the MASKGI site

Sea Kayak Float Plan - at MASKGI

BCU North America

Osher Map Library, USM.

Why is Carbon Fiber so Expensive:

The Hurricane Riders of the Pacific NW (these boys have good fun).

Romany Productions

SurfRider Foundation

Recommended Paddling Centers

NDK Dealers and Expedition Centers around the Globe

San Juans, Body Boat Blade w/ Shawna and Leon Somme

North Carolina, Barrier Island Kayaks w/ Lamar Hudgens

Hudson River Valley, Atlantic Kayak Tours w/ Bill and Janice Lozano

Nova Scotia, Coastal Adventures

Florida, Sweetwater Kayaks w/ Russell Farrow

San Diego, Aqua Adventures w/ Jen Kleck

Kayak Waveology with Greg Paquin & Paula Riegel

Alaska Kayak School with Tom Pogson

Cornwall, UK. Sea Kayaking Cornwall w Jeff and Simon.

Isle of Mann. Adventurous Experiences w Keiron.

Ireland. Deep Blue Sea w Des.

Finland. Sea Kayaking Finland

Neatherlands. Sea Kayaking w Mico and Axel.

Norway. God Tur Norge, NDK Kayaks

Israel. Sea Kayaking w Terra Santa.

Recommended Manufacturing Friends

Lendal Paddles

Kokatat Gear Simply the Best.

NDK Kayaks Proven worldwide.

Snapdragon Designs Custom built skirts.

Northwater Paddle Sport Gear. Safety gear.

Northwest River Supply good products, great service.



“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. Its substance reaches everywhere; it touches the past and prepares the future; it moves under the poles and wanders thinly in the heights of air. It can assume forms of exquisite perfection in a snowflake, or strip the living to a single shining bone cast up by the sea.”
Loren Eiseley