"They [the guides] are clearly experienced, highly skilled and well suited to the task of making the complex and not-so-complex accessible to a diverse group of people."
— W. Jennings


"His flexible and patient teaching style promoted a rapid transition through the first awkward and frustrating attempts to perform anew stroke, to the 'a-ha' moment (that sometimes fleeting but nevertheless satisfying instant when you comprehend what's supposed to happen and feel the boat respond accordingly."
— A.C. Ward

Trips & Courses

Since 1986 Maine Island Kayak has provided unusual trips and structured courses among outer islands in the Gulf of Maine and beyond. We travel in small groups to minimize our impact and enhance the quality of your experience. We regularly offer trainings so make sure to check our calendar and events for special camps, races, trainings and trips
We are Registered Maine Guides, BCU and ACA trained instructors committed to giving you personal attention and quality instruction. MIKCO is a Nordkapp Trust Premiere Sea Kayak Centre.


NDK Kayaks

Our trips are unparalleled adventures rich in both learning and experience across Maine's pristine waters to the best paddling venues we have foundSee Full Descriptions of Trips

Day and Half Day
Explore beautiful Casco Bay and its outer islands, pocket beaches, secret coves and Civil War era forts. Friendly Peaks Island is a world away from the busy and gritty Portand waterfront and offers an ideal base for exploring the inner islands and outer bay.

Multi-day Trips
Casco Bay, Stonington to Isle au Haut, the Jonesport Arcipelago or on Downeast. Let's adventure among Maine's 2000 islands stretched across three distinct ecosystems.

Private & Corporate
MIKCO specializes in delivering highly customized adventures and trainings for private groups of friends, family, schools and businesses. Here are some of our past private groups

International Trips
Over the last decades we have provided trips and courses in Baja, Mexico's Sea of Cortez, Wales Tide Races and Castles, Alaska's Prince William Sound, Bolivia's Lake Titicaca, Belize's reefs, Nova Scotia and the Canadian Maritimes.

If you are seeking the wild and wooly and willing to become an intermediate paddler, lets head way Downeast where the fog is thicker, the tides over 20', islands remote and the paddling is world class.

Anywhere else?

Where would you like to go? We're always interested in pushing back the horizon. Let us know! Call us to help your trip planning


NDK Kayaks

We provide a full range of custom sea kayaking courses. Whether a novice working on effective strokes, an intermediate building their seamanship, or more advanced paddler seeking  real world rough water experience, and tidal trainings, our B.C.U. Trained Coaches and experienced expedition guides will link your skills to the conditions will developing your seamanship. See Full Descriptions of Courses

MIKCO’s coaches and  qualified instructors have developed  fast track training modules and progressions.  

For those interested in the sport and who seek a sound foundation to build upon

Kayakers who are comfortable with  the basics, and  are interested in learning to paddle bumpy water and start the study of their  seamanship.

Advanced Paddlers
For those with the skills to advance their  rough water experience, immerse in the surf and tidal races, push their skills toward the higher professional levels, or are working on being an expedition guide.

Maine Island Kayak Co provides some of the finest, professionally delivered courses that emphasize developing  your seamanship along with your paddling skills.  MIKCo has offered Guide/Instructor and Leadership training since the 1990's. All courses are intensive, in-depth trainings based on standards of the industry, BCU, Nordkapp Trust and ACA models, and our decades of real world experience guiding on the sea..

MIKCO is a Nordkapp Trust Premiere Sea Kayaking Centre.